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Inglorious Basterds: More Meta-Movie Mayhem from the Master

CAUTION: CONTAINS SPOILERS. If you haven’t seen the film yet click here and read the pre-review.
Several years ago, before the release of Kill Bill Vol. 2, Quentin Tarantino went on a late night talk show and shared his vision for the ultimate film premiere. He would go out onto the streets of Los [...]

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Julie and Julia Belong Together

Director Nora Ephron was faced with a challenge when bringing Julie and Julia to the big screen, namely, how to make the movie interesting when both endings are already widely ruined. (Needless to say, there are no spoilers in this article.) Based on Child’s My Life In Paris, the film follows Julia from [...]

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Away We Go Takes the Low Road

Once in a blue moon, when two exceedingly beautiful people breed, the clashing of genes can result unfairly in a homely child. Even though “exceedingly beautiful” may not be the mot juste to describe the work of Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes and Pulitzer-Prize runner-up Dave Eggers, their brainchild, Away We Go, definitely falls into [...]

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